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MD 1750

Depth (Diamond Core)B-Size - 2200 Meters (7218ft)
N-Size - 1750 Meters (5741ft)
H-Size - 1200 Meters (3937ft)
P-Size - 900 Meters (2953ft)
Depth(Reverse Circulation)

Rotary - Down Hole hammer 
4 ½” rod - 350 meters (1148ft)

 3-1/2”rod - 550 meters (1804ft)
Prime MoverEngine : Cummins.
Model  : 6CTA8.3L 
Power  :194 Kw / 260 HP 

Mast & HEAD TRAVERSE SYSTEM Type Hydraulic cylinder over ropes 2:1.
 Head travel length 7,5 m (24.6 ft)
 Mast length 11,8 m (app), (38.7 ft)
 Rod hosting length 9,0 m (29.52 ft)
 Retract force 181.5 KN (40700 lb)
 Pull down force 94.4 KN (21206lb)
 Pull up speed 44.8 meters/min (177 ft/min)
 Pull down speed 29.6meters/min (97 ft/min)
 Fine feed speed 4.5metres/min
DumpStroke 2200 MM
 Mechanism Hydraulic cylinder with locking valves.
 Drilling Angle 90 degrees vertical down to 45 degrees
 Mast raising Two independent hydraulic cylinders with lock
 Gear Change Two speed High/low gear manual change
 Drive Motor Hydraulic -Variable displacement
 Spindle bore 60mm
 Lubrication Forced lubrication
 Mounting Hydraulic Slide – Sideways 
Hydraulic motor at minimum/maximum, engine at 2100 rpm

Gear                                    Speed                       Torque                                     
                                             (RPM)                      (NM)
Low Speed Gear                   100                           8556                              
High Speed Gear               1250                             738 

Note:  Rotary Head torques and speeds are infinitely variable in each gear range as indicated
Output Speeds & torques are on 100% efficiency, Actual rotation speed is effected by
Engine Rpm and motor displacement settings 
Main Winch Hoisting Capacity: 151.3 KN (34013 lb) (Bare drum)
Hoisting speed: 40 meters/min (131, 2 ft/min)  
Cable length: 35meters (145 ft) 

Note: Do not use multiple part lines with the main winch. Use only single line.
Wire cable not supplied with rig to be ordered separately.
Wire Line WinchHoisting Capacity: 21.4 KN (4811lb) (Bare drum)
Line speed: 125 meters/min (410 ft/min) (Bare drum)  
Line speed: 465 meters/min (1525 ft/min) (Full drum)
Cable length: 2000 meters (6561ft) 

Note: Wire cable not supplied with rig to be ordered separately.
i)Main pump Type :Variable displacement
Controller: Load sensing
Working pressure: 280 Bar
Make: SauerDanfoss
ii)Auxiliary pump (water) Type: Variable displacement
Controller: Load sensing
Working pressure:280 Bar
Make: SauerDanfoss
iii)Auxiliary pump (auto feed & Cooler) Type: Variable displacement
Working pressure: 210 Bar

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