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Portable Hydraulic 100

                                 TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION
HOLE DIAMETER4 ½” Up to Max. 100Meters depth.
ENGINE14 HP (10.4kW) Diesel Engine
13 HP (9.7kW) Petrol Engine
MAST ASSEMBLYAll steel work,3.15 meters high,break-out table to open 200 mm. diameter.2- Wheel axle aid erecting the mast to a vertical position for drilling and aids moving the unit around site or loading/unloading the unit from a vehicle.
FEED SYSTEMFeed & Hoist actuation - Pulley, wire rope & Hydraulic cylinder.
 Having adequate travel to handle drill pipes and casing pipes upto 3 Mtr. Long.
 Feed system consists of Hold back arrangement to control limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to suit variable ground condition.

Head travelling stroke - 2.25 meters
Pull up force -2300 Kg
Max.Speed - 9.5 meters/min
Pull down force – 3480 Kgf
Max.Speed -14.5 meters/min
Single reduction gear box, Hydraulic motor driven and variable rotation speed able to swing a side for easy casing installation. swivel spindle 40mm inside diameter, subjoint 2 3/8 API Rig Mod.

Gear box ratio - 3.875 : 1
Speed - 0 - 50 rpm
Maximum Torque - 1320 Nm
HYDRAULIC SYSTEMVANE pump type, system pressure 250 bar max, 75 liters tank capacity
Hydraulic hose line - 2 pieces supply & return. 6 m long with quick release self-sealing type couplings to connect power pack to rig.
32 GPM pump used to operate the centrifugal pump. 
CONTROL PANELThe control panel is mounted on the mask and is euiped with four levers controlling rotation head, pull, and feed 2 regulators for rotation speed and pull/feed weight three system pressure gauges
CENTRIFUGAL PUMPHydraulically operated centrifugal pump operated by a seperate diesal or petrol engine
Maximum flow - 6 Liter/Minute
Maximum pressure - 128 Kg/cm2

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