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XD Pile (Sony EX 50)

HOLE DIAMETER4 1/2" (114mm) , 6 1/2” (165mm) Up to Max.150Meters depth
TRUCKAs per customer requirement
MOUNTING PLATFORM STRUCTUREElectrically welded steel structure covered with 5mm chequared plate and a channel to hold the whole structure. 
MAST ASSEMBLYAvailable Sizes : 3Mtr, 6 Mtr, 9Mtr
Sturdy structural RHS tubular structure electrically welded.
 Raising and Lowering: by Hydraulic Cylinder
Mast overall Length - 4500mm
Rotary Head travel  - 3300mm
Centralize opening  - 16” (407mm)
FEED SYSTEMFeed & Hoist actuation - Pulley, wire rope & Hydraulic cylinder.
 Having adequate travel to handle drill pipes and casing pipes upto 6 Mtr. Long.
 Feed system consists of Hold back arrangement to control limit weight on bit, rapid and slow feed arrangement to suit variable ground condition.

Feed cylinder Size & stroke - Dia 125mm x Dia 70mm x 1400mm lg. 1No.
Pull up force                      - 15400 Kgf
Pull down force                 - 10570 Kgf
Hoisting speed                   -  (UP) 45Mtr/ Minute
Reeving Ratio                    -  1:3s
Fabricated steel body
 The RH unit travels on Mast assembly to absorb sudden shock loads encountered during drilling operation.
 It will be operated by Danfoss OMV315-1No.
Torque              - 370 Nm
Rotation Speed - Spindle RPM: 0-100
CONTROL PANELAll Necessary control and monitoring valves and gauges are installed at control panel located nearer to drilling point for driller convenience
Break out WinchThe drill Rig is equipped with hydraulic operated break out wrench for making and breaking the drill pipes and Hammer.

Cylinder bore diameter - Dia 80mm x Dia 45mm
Stroke - 635 mm
Mast raising Cylinder For raising and lowering the Mast Assembly
Cylinder bore diameter - Dia 100mm x Dia 63mm
Stroke - 600mm
Air compressor1100 cfm/ 300psi

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